Management Consulting for Healthcare Enterprises

The Kailos group enables a wide range of healthcare enterprises to understand and manage healthcare costs more effectively. We offer particular expertise in data-driven tools and analyses supporting key decisions about products, purchases, markets and services. We help healthcare organizations make meaningful use of available data (internal or external) to make strategic decisions and improve operational and financial performance. As an affiliate of Strategic Health Resources® we work with medical device developers and pharmaceutical companies to assess and articulate the way new clinical technologies may affect service utilization, costs and margins of hospitals, health plans and physicians.

Assessing the financial impact of medical devices and therapies is a complex endeavor that integrates research findings, data analysis, and mental models across divergent disciplines – not just medicine and finance, but also epidemiology, reimbursement, marketing, policy, and healthcare operations management.  It requires careful attention to perspective, because what constitutes “healthcare cost” varies dramatically, depending on whether the questioner is a health plan, hospital, physician, employer, patient or policymaker.  Much of our work at the Kailos group can be understood in terms of the legend of the Blind Men and the Elephant:  we find the right seven blind men and build a working model of an elephant.


‘kailo - ’
Indo-European root word for health, healing, and wholesome.

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