Organizational Development

Not-for-Profit Health Association Strategic Visualization. Designed and facilitated key section of a leadership retreat, enabling the association's volunteer leadership and executive staff to visualize the concrete impact of pathbreaking organizational goals and develop strategies to achieve them.

Hospital Quality Improvement Process. Jointly facilitated hospital leadership retreat drafting a statements of vision, mission and values. Facilitated and supported work teams and coached team leaders of quality improvement process that JCAHO reviewers hailed as "one of the best we have seen."

Voluntary Health Association Leadership Retreats. Designed and facilitated a series of leadership retreats that removed interpersonal barriers and reoriented and revitalized the organization. Facilitated volunteers and staff in developing a vision statement for the organization that lead to an organizational restructuring and reenergized the organization's fundraising base.

Hospital System Productivity Management Workshops. Designed a workshop and case study approach for presenting managers with data on their departments' task mix, skill mix and productivity which lead managers to identify specific opportunities for improvement. Enabled managers in 13 client hospitals to identify $13.3 million in potential improvements.

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