Operations Improvement

Small Hospital Operations Improvement. Benchmarked, tracked and facilitated clinical and business improvements that resulted in a $2 million turnaround for a small community hospital. Led workshops, executive retreats and training sessions. Utilized clinical benchmarking from the Healthcare Management Council to identify key areas for improvement and focus the efforts of clinical task forces.

Disease Incidence: Actual vs. Expected. As part of our strategic partnership with Strategic Health Resources®, prepared a custom report of the Disease Incidence Model™ comparing expected and actual disease incidence in a medical group's capitated population. Identified crucial drivers of potential excess cost to support contract negotiations.

Medicare HMO Operations and Strategy. Served as a project manager for a high-level task force assessing business potential and addressing operational, financial and strategic issues of a Medicare HMO. Through data analysis and team facilitation, enabled members to identify and focus on key drivers of medical costs and implement cost-saving strategies. Enabled senior management to determine that operational improvements were unlikely to yield a profitable product in light of market and corporate constraints, resulting in the firm's decision to exit the market.

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