Strategic Analysis

Start-up Hospital Market Feasibility. Prepared a Market Feasibility Study for an acute care hospital, where a closed facility was being reopened under new ownership with an entirely different mission and strategy. The analysis included definition and analysis of the service area, market share, competitor analysis, and a medical staff survey. As a result, the facility was able to document its suitability for HUD Section 242 financing. Management also gained important insights for its competitive strategy.

New International Medical Center Business Plan. Prepared a full business plan for a proposed 319-bed world class hospital in Bangalore, India. Analysis included market overview, competitor analysis, and ten-year financial projections. The U.S.-based management company is now using this plan to seek investors and other financing.

Entrepreneurial Venture in Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Worked with entrepreneurial team to estimate market potential, assess strategic options and refine business concept for a potential new venture in complementary and alternative medicine.

IPA Software Developer Strategic Options. Developed a Strategic Options Assessment (Business Plan, Phase 1) for a software developer considering entering the market with operational software for IPAs. Analysis revealed crucial factors and challenges in the market that enabled the entrepreneur to avoid making a costly unproductive investment.

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